Allstar Hip Hop Teams    



SCC Hip Hop program has been growing and developing over the last 3 years to culminate in our first ever HIP HOP NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP team in 2018.


We are so proud of our athletes progress and can not wait to welcome new Hip Hop athletes into our amazing and successful Allstar Hip Hop program.


Each Hip Hop class is designed around the athletes age and ability. During the class the athletes will learn a variety of Hip Hop skills including: stomping, popping, locking, crumping, break dance, whacking and so much more.


SCC choreographs street style Hip Hop routines that stand out from the crowd and focus on individual athletes dance ability and how they can work together in a creative and team environment.


We can also have non-competitive athletes in these teams however it will need to be prearranged so that our formations and choreography can be adjusted to accommodate.


Uniform requirements for our Allstar Hip Hop teams can be found in our 2019 Pricing Guide.


We outline all items required as well as full costs for each team for the term. These will be available early December 2018