SCC offers a range of additional training teams, classes and options to add onto your Allstar or Cheersport teams


We also host a variety of Stunt workshops, open gyms and stunt intensive training sessions throughout the year. These sessions are open to all our athletes as an opportunity to push themselves, learn skills, and develop their stunt skills in preparation for our higher-level teams.


Tumble training is held every week and is a compulsory addition to our Allstar teams, as well as a great addition to any athlete wanting to push their individual tumble skills


Athletes can develop their tumble skills at their own pace and often tumble well above the level of the teams they are placed on.


We focus on safe progressions at the pace of each individual, as well as incorporating strength and conditioning training into our tumble sessions to help the progression of their stunt and tumble skills

Since introducing tumble training to our program 6 years ago we have seen an incredible progression of both technique feedback on our scoresheets and individual goals reached by our athletes.


We look forward to continuing our tumble training throughout the 2021 season under the guidance of our experienced and well educated tumble coaches