Allstar Dance Teams    



SCC has worked hard to build our current dance program over the past 4 years, winning multiple Pom Grand Champion titles, pushing the limits with creative and fun choreography as well as competing internationally.


We also added a small contemporary team in 2018 to trial one of our favorite genres and we really look forward to growing and developing this new genre over the coming years as well.



Pom is a dance style of Cheerleading, closely linked to what people would consider sideline Cheerleading. It mixes strong sharp arm motions, spins, leaps, kicks, creative and fun choreography, tricks, lifts and Jazz style movement all choreographed to high tempo energetic music.

Our highly successful Pom program will be continuing in 2019 with all new age groups, more coaches, exciting and vibrant choreography and our Open Pom team working harder than ever towards hopefully achieving SCC’s first ever Worlds Bid in 2019.


Each week our Pom sessions work on their spin technique, leap progressions, kick lines and strength through Pom drills and stretch training.

Athletes will learn choreography each week and upgrade their routine sections based on judges feedback. Our athletes have a big focus on progression and working towards dancing together as a team as well as their individual dance skills.



Contemporary is a beautiful style of dance that mixes stylized, strong emotive movements choreographed to music that has thought and meaning.

We teach our athletes how to draw from their own emotions and experiences to project and captivate the judges and audience through choreographed movement.


We touch on important issues such as bullying and freedom and work on how to deal with everyday issues through dance and help our athletes to learn beautiful choreographed routines ready to wow the judges