Cheersport Cheerleading Teams    


Cheersport Cheerleading teams are the newest addition to Sunshine Coast Cheerleading and we can’t wait to get started in 2019.


Cheersport is a low cost, low commitment team offered to anyone who wants to get involved in Cheerleading without having the expense and full commitment of our Allstar Cheerleading teams


We will be offering two Cheersport age groups in 2019 with the opportunity to grow and expand as needed. Our two Cheersport teams will be:

  • Youth Cheersport (11 and under)

  • Senior Cheersport (12 and over).


Our Cheersport teams will train once a week for a 1 hour session.


Athletes will learn level 1 Cheer skills just like our Allstar athletes, however without the pressure of needing to hit a full Allstar scoresheet and only a 1:30 minute routine to allow them to focus on hitting nice clean technique and having fun whilst learning all styles of Cheer such as stunt, jumps, tumble and dance.

Cheersport teams will have the opportunity to compete 2 times a year in a specialised Cheersport division, which also includes a reduced competition entry fee. They will be required to wear their 2019 members shirt with the SCC 2019 training shorts. Athletes all receive the member’s shirt as part of their registration fee and this will further help to reduce the fees associated with our Cheersport program.


For more information and to find out how to join our new Cheersport teams in 2019 contact SCC today.