Allstar Cheerleading Teams    



Allstar cheerleading is a competitive style performance team. Our Allstar teams train minimum 2 sessions per week, with class times varying depending on the age and level of each individual team.

For example:

Tiny Allstar level 1 team (ages 3-6)

Train for 2 sessions a week,

on the same day for a total of 1.15hrs

Open Allstar level 4 team (ages 14+)

train for 2 sessions a week,

on separate days for 1.5hrs each session


Each Allstar training session is designed around the athletes age and ability. We have worked hard to build a customised Allstar Cheer program to maximize our training sessions and help our athletes achieve the highest results possible.

Our youth and above age groups are also required to participate in tumble training for a minimum 5 sessions each term (approx. every fortnight). You can find out further information about tumble training and the discounts we offer our Allstar athletes in the tumble and stunt section of our info booklet.

Previous experience is not required however participation in try-outs is essential for everyone over the age of 8 to ensure the athletes are positioned in the right Allstar team and given the best possible chance to succeed. Try-outs will be held in December and again in January.

Dependent on age and ability athletes can choose to compete with more than one Allstar Cheer team. It is at the parents’ discretion as to how many teams an athlete can participate in. We will let you know all team options when trying out for an Allstar team.


All full price list of all merchandise and uniform requirements can be found in our 2019 Pricing Guide. This will be available from early December 2018.